Second poem

A Father’s Pain

 Billy L. Anstey         
She aborted our unborn with a heart of hate She  stole two souls and could not wait The love of a child was waiting to be  born As the soul of a Father could only mourn
Final revelation  explained the pain For what was missing, I couldn’t explain Her darkest  secret was kept from me For Forty years I did not see
The cry of my  baby haunting my mind The dreaming hurt and pain intertwined In the dark  of night till early dawn It’s echo’s in the day, made me withdrawn
A  maddening sound of a babies cry Is loudly heard across the ocean and  sky Even across time, did not end the cry I could only pray as I looked in  the sky
It was not the sound of a baby of glee Where are you Daddy, In  my time of need? For Daddy I need you, here for me To stop Mom’s hate, for  her love I need
I could hear in my dreams, Oh Daddy Why? Make them  stop, you can only try I know you love me, but please don’t cry Only Mom  knows the reason why
Please tell Mommy, I Love her so I feel the pain,  in the heart of my soul Daddy should know, but was never told Your worry  is over, God take my soul
Daddy I know you would raise me well Mommy  wouldn’t have me or Love me still For she had dreams but not the will To  include us both in her life of thrills
Daddy don’t worry, for God will  know Your Hugs and smiles will always flow I’m sorry Mommy for offending  you For your smiling face I’ll never see Glow
God sent me to you as a  gift from above To make your lives, fulfilled with Love But now I’m an  Angel and I will wait To hear Gods decision on your fate
As I forgive  you, he will too For all I want is your Loving touch To be with You and  Daddy too To see your Glow and feel your touch

Source: A Father’s Pain, Abortion Poem

I think this poem is interesting because it is the fathers point of view. Most of the time it is the father that wants to get an abortion and the mother that doesn’t. But in this poem it is telling how the father is heartbroken because his wife went behind his back and got an abortion when he didn’t want one. He feels bad for his child because the mother didn’t want it, but he wanted it. This poem makes me kind of angry because i don’t think a child should ever be aborted. They deserve more than that.

One thought on “Second poem

  1. I think this poem is interesting because it’s in a fathers point of view. Most women say that it’s the father that makes them get an abortion. But this one is about how a father is heartbroken because his wife got an abortion.

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